Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Electronic Invoicing System

Thunder Group Inc. has launched the new electronic invoicing system that delivers e-invoices automatically from six months ago.

As you know, the key benefits of electronic invoicing system are fewer mistakes, ease of workflow, reduced costs, and less excuses over mail delivery. The old electronic invoicing system needs people to save the invoices as digital files and email to their customers by manually. It will take a long time to finish job if too many invoices are generated. This issue has been solved by the new system.

The new system improves the internal working efficiency and communicating bridge between the company and customers.  The new system generates customers’ electronic invoices based on the customer ID in the system, and these invoices will be automatically sent to assigned e-mail address and specific contact person which provided by customers. The electronic invoices are generated as DPF format and if there are too many DPF files in one e-mail, the system will compress them into one zip file for customers’ receiving convenience. This new system saves a lot of work for internal process of generating electronic invoices step by step manually or printing out and wasting extra paper usages. All electronic invoices will be stored as history data in the system by dates and individual customer ID after they have been generated automatically. It keeps the company on track of all the invoices have been sent out and specific dates to modify. When the company has missing payments issue or customers have unclear and missing invoices records, this function allows us easily to figure out which invoice or purchase goes wrong, then handle the issues and assist the customers immediately. Experiencing this advanced system, the company acquires closer connection and better communication with valuable customers and also increases customers’ satisfaction.

It is an electronic age nowadays; every business, group or even individual are seeking fast ways to handle things, high techniques to make things more accurate and go green to save our environment.  Automatically electronic Invoicing System can totally save your energy, your money, and your precious time. By using this new system, accounting department and customer service department save lots of postage expense for the company. Our customers don’t need to worry about delivery mistakes that post office usually makes. Instead, accounting department for customers’ side can easily check e-mails daily to keep on track of their previous day’s invoices.  Most of our electronic invoices will be sent out night time to make sure that all branches sales have been closed and also to convenient customers to be able to check on their invoices update status as soon as they access to their computers in the morning. With the new electronic invoicing system, the Thunder Group Inc can eliminate time-consuming errors and supplier inquiries, along with over payments and missed discounts.

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