Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How to place orders on

Before you place order on, you need to register to become our member.

Step 1 Create customer account, you need to fill out  email address, company name, address, etc.
 Step 2  Send  email with Credit Application and Resale Certificate  to or Fax: 626.935.1609

Step 3 when you get approved, you can use your email address and password to log on
Step 4. Just go to product page, to select the product you want, type in Qty, then click “ Add to Cart”
 Step 5. When you finish your order, just select “ Check out”
Step 6. Fill out your shipping address, then select “continue”

Step 7. Confirm Order.
If your terms is Net 30 days and your have credit on thunder group, you can select check out by without credit card. If your terms is CIA, you can select check out by credit card.

Step 8.the system will tell you check out successful.